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SJIII-SW Horizontal mixing insulation packing machine

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SJIII-SW Horizontal mixing (insulation )packing machine


1.Bag length, packing volume, speed, etc data and adjustment can be displayed on the screen. The user can directly operate it on it.

2.It can automatically finish making-bag, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and printing batch number.

3.Packing material: PE PET/AL FOIL/PAPER/PENYLON/PE and other heat-sealing compound material 320mm.

4.Packing material required: 0.04mm≤film thickness≤0.08mm, inner diameter of film roll 75mm at least, outer diameter of film roll need 320mm.

5.Bag sealing type: 3-side sealing, Four side sealing, Pillow sealing.

Suitable material:

It is applicable for packing sauce paste, rice wine, chafing dish material with animal oil etc..

Technical specifications:

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